Who said we can’t be selfish?

Being selfish is a common mechanism that will always be apparent within the human condition. It’s not just the ego at work, yet it’s an inherent archetype built within our psyche. It’s a part of our survival instinct. If we weren’t selfish enough to protect the one life we were given, then would we truly survive?

Being selfish can be a good trait if it were used in more of an optimistic fashion. For instance, if we aren’t selfish enough to love ourselves, then how are we to truly know that we are capable of loving anything? If we do not strive to attain the lifestyle, possessions and people we wish to have in our lives, we will never find happiness. This is no excuse to be arrogant and pretend you are above others though. It’s simply required to care about your self.

Selfishness becomes a problem when we begin to care about ourselves to the point where we cannot give empathy or show compassion for others who aren’t selfish in optimistic ways. When we put ourselves on a pedestal just to look down on others, we aren’t even being selfish in the right ways. Instead we’re comparing ourselves to others and attempting to love ourselves more than the perception we have of ourselves and how we assume others perceive us. 

You can keep your selfishness in check though by simply expecting others to be selfish. Understanding that each person in this world has their very own destiny as well as struggles, and knowing that they are being selfish because their own individual survival depends upon it really makes you look at their behavior in a different light. This doesn’t mean be a doormat and let a bitter, selfish person walk all over you and use you. Simply observe from a distance without judgement and appreciate the fact that we all struggle but still survive. 

In the end, you only have yourself. This existence will automatically alienate you from others due to the countless reasons each of us has to be selfish. The truth is, if you’re selfish in the right ways, you’ll always succeed. That requires doing exactly what you know your heart truly desires. Nobody else should ever influence that!

Be selfish enough to live the life you deserve and accept that it’s part of the human condition. Know that we all require being selfish to grow.


Who shall inherit the Earth?

I look outside and see desolation

The meek witness the same and call it revelations

The powerful shed blood on the soil with no hesitation

While the planet forces it’s own deep meditation

The world is ending and heavens reached Armageddon

The consciousness of humans is stuck in depression

Confidence is armed within acts of aggression 

While monetary systems are used to stunt our progression

Run for the money, we all about money 

It feeds our addictions, forget that you’re hungry

Start jumping and swinging for it like monkies 

Something seems funky, this cash makes us junkies 

Revenue is a needle, give a fix to the steeple

But my pockets are empty, minds a crumbled cathedral

The beautiful people capitalize on the feeble

And I’m ugly as sin so my success is illegal

We’ve been blessed with this stress that we grapple

We guess that it’s ample then confess it’s a battle

The dragons will snatch us and drag us to castles

That’s long been abandoned and smoldered in ash of these candles

Candy hearts for the heartless, the noble earn darkness

The wicked get to live in the light that we harvest

You steal it! No bargain, then kill it, no pardons 

Now I’m peeling your scars then revealing your charred skin!

Seething your pain with demons living beneath in your veins

You can’t see you’re insane, you just need people to blame

Congregate on the streets with the lame and scream in their face

While begging your masters to give you what you need to replace

All I see is a race of humans manipulated by bullshit

So suck on an AK, swallow a full clip!

You bitch and you moan, but you’ll never do shit

But sit there alone, addicted to the feeling you get when you lose it…

Meditation is simple.

I lie here quietly and listen to the silence, slowly enveloping my self in the nothingness I feel. A blanket of obscurity cloaks my entirety as thoughts stream down my being and slip away into an endless void, where they dissipate into small vibrations of soft static. Muscles turn to mush as breathing becomes benign; slow, subtle and no longer a struggle. Disconnect from the physical and become a part of all. I am existential; a mere extension of the extensive consciousness that thrives upon this dirt ship. 

And in this moment, for but a moment, only one thought occurs:


That’s not to say that I do not exist. Indeed that is a mere fact and proof of my existence. I’m but a mere facet on the left eye of a gnat buzzing around fecal matter in a shit stain of the universe. Though I am dependant as well as depended upon by all the facets that connect, and the facets that they connect to. So my simple insignificance is a matter of perception, for I am part of the whole. As miniscule as my purpose is, certain aspects will be affected if my purpose were destroyed. If the facet known as “I” was stabbed out of the gnats eye, then no matter how small the change would be, the gnats vision would still face a certain amount of hindrance.


You could be out of touch. You could be completely lost. You are still fulfilling your purpose. As part of the whole, you share the same collective subconscious of the being that allows us to physically manifest. All must be expressed, so individuality is an absolute that all must abide by internally and without question. The subconscious decides all and influences even more. 

In this day and age we face a plague of thought parasites that nag and bite at feeble minds, as though we close the blinds on the sunshine and let the vile creep through the back door. Psychic warfare is trending as evolution of the subconscious begs to become noted, nurtured and mastered. Outside voices command our Devils as our Angels crawl inside and succumb to shackles they have hidden their own keys to. 


The collective is one organism of countless cells interconnected through experience of the human condition. This condition is far from human though. Thought influences even the smallest molecular structure of all that we choose to interact with. Vibrations we emit decide the fate of all that they permeate. We induce reality within our minds during the millions of nanoseconds we live within before our physical bodies react robotically and methodically. Billions of bodies fill the universal thought servers with trillions of impressions and expressions of the universe experiencing itself on even the smallest levels of survival. 

You are NOTHING!

And in my bed of mush where thought finally evades me and breathing is as nonexistent as the purpose I was born to fulfill, I am you. I am he who has no future, he whose past is the past of all, and who only exists in this moment, now and forever; endless, timeless, infinite, and nonexistent.

I am a facet in the left eye of the gnat; a simple speck amongst the collective collected in an organ of an insignificant insect. Dependent upon those who depend on me, slightly affecting those around me, yet still strong enough to impact the entire being with my absence. 

If we ever wish to become the Gods we once were, we must first expand our consciousness enough to include enough empathy to love beings larger than we can perceive, such as the living, breathing God that we inhabit and share with each other. Showing compassion and loving that which is insignificant to us is great step in reaching the wavelengths that are required for the conscious evolution of the populace. 

So I sit in silence, experiencing all, becoming nothing. Not even a thought. Just an impression of love; a tiny facet in the eye of the gnat. 

There is no end. 

I see a world disconnected from nature,

A self destructive species here to bring the rapture.

We are lawless, we’re lost if we don’t have a savior,

So it’s pain and it’s torture that we capture.

No sight or vision 

Just the friction that we feel!

Manipulated by the system

And we don’t know what is real,

Because illusions can control us,

and our future gives us no trust.

Present times is what we don’t want.

Our minds are shrouded in a cold front.

Souls seem lost in a murky kind of haze

Because we’ve wandering about inside our minds for days.

Demons slither round in our minds like a snake,

But this world will never be more than I can take!


Shrug it off.

Cold air creeps through my skin and muscle tissue, intending to freeze my arteries. The pads of my feet are beat and the bone underneath is slowly cutting it’s way through with every single step I take. Nose runs for days and I’m not even sick… physically anyway. There’s a longing in my soul that says this routine is far from home.

I creep through the door that’s been pried open and propped up with a stack of newspapers, and I snicker to myself thinking about how ancient the concept of paper seems these days… then I find my comfy spot and sit down to indulge in slow hits of cancer. My mind lacking stimulation, my body feeling as though it’s had enough. 

My gaze reaches the sky, searching for that light that revolves around us nightly. The cold wind kisses my neck and sends shivers down my spine, never welcomed though. I hear trucks sliding around the pavement, sweeping debris from adults who were never taught manners.

Time for more cancer.

Disheveled humans follow through the door, congregating in huddles of laughter and stress. They too indulge in cancer, while contemplating the uncertainties of the day that lay ahead.

We are the ones who stir in the night

Every night! 

We have a purpose but that purpose is shrugged off by the demands of society. We have goals that require throwing away our precious time for those whose time is more precious. We engage in self destruction on the premise that the cause leads to bigger creation. We ignore our emotions and move robotically in order to feel as though we are a part of something beautiful. We lie to ourselves and say this is okay because this is the way we’ve been told it’s supposed to be.

This is not how it’s supposed to be!

But then again, I have lost any extra time I had dedicated to philosophizing, to go back and grind.

Break time is over…

In Tolerance…

You can disagree with the left and never support the right. 

This is not an argument, this is indeed a fact.

Yes disagreeing with one side is definitely a product of bias. Formulating your own opinions are bias. Yet disagreeing with one side is not the same as agreeing with the opposing side

Some people just choose not to fit into either box. But choosing not to join with either side is not admittance to Neutrality and an opposing view does not necessarily have to align with either “wing.” Sometimes, both sides are wrong.

And sometimes… one side makes more sense than the other. Choosing not to take both sides into account, and ignoring all other stances that may disagree with either side, is just another branch in the tree of fascism that controls feeble minds. It’s rather arrogant as well, and a great way to continue spreading intolerance. It gives people a reason to judge others ignorantly, opening the door to create further division amongst the populace.

And in the endyou learn how to hate others for things you have yet learned to understand about them. If we truly wish for others to hear us out, understand what pains us and to indulge in what we are passionate about, we must first learn to open our ears and give the opposition a chance to be heard. We may just realize that our views really aren’t all too different after all!